Tips to ride vehicle in fog

Fog is one of the most difficult situations a rider can encounter. Coupled with rain and darkness, fog takes on a highly lethal combination. Ideally, riding in fog should be avoided completely. Ideally, that is! In real-world circumstances, you may run into a fog midway into your journey and without prior warning. Here are a few tips to help you ride through fog safely.

Accumulation of moisture on face shield and/or glasses further inhibits your ability to see the road and spot hazards. The ability of other vehicle operators to see you is significantly diminished.Visual loss of the horizon can cause misjudgment of the motorcycle's lean angle and a greater chance of low siding the motorcycle on slick pavement.

How to do Driving in fog


Thinking about special skills or abilities related to riding in fog the following should be followed

  • Choose time and route carefully - look for ways to minimize interaction with traffic.
  • Wear riding jackets with reflective materials or bright coloured jackets to help other motorists spot you.
  • Maintain adequate distance between you and the motorist in front to prevent collisions caused by abrupt braking by the driver ahead.
  • If forced to stop, either by the fog becoming too dense or a mechanical problem, move yourself and your bike well off the road.
  • If you have already begun your journey and ridden into foggy conditions, slow down to the minimum speed for better control during sudden braking. Also, avoid abrupt inputs to the brake or steering and use engine braking as much as you can.
  • Keep your headlight on its low beam setting to avoid light flaring off of the water molecules and further reducing visibility.
  • Use a defogging agent on your face shield and glasses.
  • Just take the bus ! don't ride. This is the best choice.
car in fog